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Installing a new milking machine saves time and money in the long run and will pay for itself over time. Better Diary Solutions has been supplying milking equipment to New Zealand dairy farmers for over 30 years.


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Start with a rotary or herringbone system and add a drafting system that fits your facility to move cows safely and efficiently through the milking process. Follow that with a cooling system to cool expressed milk quickly. Don’t forget a feeding system to keep cows well fed to produce more milk. Having quality milking equipment ensures a constant fresh supply of milk to take to market.

South Taranaki dairy farms comprise over 60 percent of the region’s dairy production. Installing a complete milking system saves time and money long term and produces higher output in less time. Finding milking equipment that provides efficient results is beneficial for both cows and humans. By moving multiple cows through the system at one time, milk is produced at a faster rate and consumers benefit from the freshest milk available.

The staff at Better Dairy Solutions is ready to design and install milking equipment that will produce desired results. Visit our fully stocked retail store or contact us for more information about our milking equipment for your dairy farm.