Effluent Pumps for Sale

Get the Most out of Dairy Effluent with Effluent Pumps for Sale from Better Dairy Solutions

Not so long ago, dairy effluent was thought to be little more than a disposable by-product of the milking process. It was even viewed as a nuisance, a necessary quantity of urine, manure and other waste dispensed naturally during milking. More recently, though, governments and dairy farmers have begun to see the potential benefits of dairy effluent. This liquid waste substance is loaded with nutrients that can be harnessed to promote healthy pasture growth and management. Since effluent is essentially water plus organic matter, it is useful to both irrigate and fertilise pasture land, cutting down on the need for irrigation water and inorganic or processed fertiliser. Thus, dairy effluent pumps have become an important tool on dairy farms throughout New Zealand and Australia.


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Find Effluent Pumps for Sale by Shopping with Better Dairy Solutions

For over 30 years, Better Dairy Solutions has been helping dairy farmers in New Zealand manage their farms more efficiently and productively. Effluent pump solutions play into this mission in more ways than one. By using the right dairy effluent pumping system on your farm, you can maximise the benefits of effluent to your pasture land while minimising the time necessary to manage that land. Fertilising and watering pasture land demands both time and resource usage. With one of our effluent pumps, you can find a more efficient way of managing those segments of your farmland.

When you work with us and pick out one of our effluent pumps for sale, you get a robust solution with all the necessary components included. Our effluent products include pumps, pond stirrers, pipes and other necessary system infrastructure. Furthermore, we don’t just sell you an effluent pump system and then leave you to figure out how to install it. On the contrary, all purchases include services for system planning and installation. We will help you determine the best layout for your pumping infrastructure and will supply enough piping to ensure that you can pump effluent throughout your farmland. We can also handle installation, including trenching and pipe laying for the entire pumping system infrastructure.

Our services go even beyond the final installation. Once your system is installed and operational, you should be able to start reaping the organic benefits that dairy effluent management can provide. However, if you find somewhere along the line that your pump is no longer working correctly, or that you have a leak somewhere in the piping network, you can give us a call. Better Dairy Solutions provides ongoing servicing, maintenance and repairs to all dairy farms that purchase one of our dairy effluent pumps.

Schedule Your Pump Installation Today

Utilising effluent properly can unlock huge natural benefits for your pasture land and your entire dairy farm. If you are ready to install one of these systems, contact Better Dairy Solutions today. We can tell you more about our effluent pumps for sale or schedule a system planning and installation session with you.