Buy Bulk Milk Cooler or Chiller Tank

Chilling and Cooling: Finding the Right Bulk Milk Cooler or Chiller Tank for Your Dairy Farm

Any dairy farm’s operations hinge upon its ability to chill, store and preserve its milk effectively. You work hard to milk your cows and to produce high quality milk products for the marketplace. Without the right system for cooling the milk, all that hard work and product can go to waste. At Better Dairy Solutions, we offer a variety of bulk milk cooler solutions, to help you and your farm protect your products and maximise your revenues.


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Keeping Milk Cool: The Challenges of Dairy Production

Scientists say that bacteria begin to grow and replicate in milk when it exceeds about 4.4 degrees Celsius, or 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Milk stored at higher temperatures will spoil, with spoilage occurring more and more rapidly as temperatures escalate. At best, this process can result in sour or bad tasting milk. At worst, it can lead to foodborne illnesses if anyone consumes the milk. Regardless, neither of these outcomes is an option for a dairy farmer. Your reputation depends on selling fresh, safe, great tasting milk. As such, your milk chiller is a core part of your operation.

A milk chiller needs to be able to get your milk down to a safe storage temperature quickly and then maintain that temperature consistently. The faster your milk cools after production to 4.4 degrees or below, the longer the shelf life will be. Distributors and consumers appreciate longer shelf lives and will minimise the amount of your inventory that goes to waste. At Better Dairy Solutions, we understand these challenges and work with dairy farmers to solve them. We can help you find a system that will be able to yield the quick cooling and stable temperatures you need for your milk.

Our systems also offer high levels of reliability. We have been in this industry for 23 years and counting, and we have worked with many dairy farms across New Zealand. These businesses have put their faith in us, and our systems have proven repeatedly that this trust was not misplaced. Every dairy farmer has had nightmares about milk cooling tank failures and the litres upon litres of spoiled product such a failure could leave behind. When you work with Better Dairy Solutions, you can trust that your milk chilling machine is going to do its job. We even provide after-sales service and repairs, to help you keep your chilling system in tip-top shape.

Get Help Finding the Right Bulk Milk Cooler for Your Dairy Farm

If you are in the market for a milk cooler for your dairy farm, get in touch with our team at Better Dairy Solutions today. We can recommend the best chilling unit based on your production size and other factors and can provide a full price quote outlining the cost of both the unit and our installation fees. We look forward to hearing from you soon.